Coverage & Money Saving Tips

Use a base material
Using an underlay of a less expensive base pebble and laying the feature pebbles on top cuts down on the amount of pebbles you use. See diagram on right.

This should only be done in areas where pebbles are not going to be disturbed eg. by walking on them, as this mixes the 2 types of pebbles together and the base material becomes visible.
Use a base material of a similar colour to the decorative pebble. We can supply base material in 20 Kg bags or bulk bags for large areas.

Mixing sizes
Mix large and small pebbles together. The smaller pebbles fill the gaps between the larger stones and you use less pebbles to cover an area.

Shape and Size
Coverage changes depending on the shape and size of the pebbles. Flatter stones give better coverage per square metre than rounder stones, and smaller pebbles give better coverage per square metre than larger stones. See our coverage chart.

Pebbles in Grout
Lay the pebbles in grout. This gives you a greater coverage per square metre and is a good idea for areas you will walk on.

Ideas for Usage of Pebbles & Crushed Stone

Pebbles or crushed stone make great mulch around plants. They protect the soil, slow down water loss, and do not decompose or attract white ants.

Water Features and Pools
Pebbles & crushed stone naturally complement water features.

Loose Pebbles
Pebbles or crushed stone can be used loose to complement paving materials or as ground cover eg. pathway.

Pebbles can be fixed to vertical surfaces with adhesives and provide a wonderful textured finish.

Asian Design
Pebbles or crushed stone are an important element in Asian inspired gardens and architecture.

Pebbles & crushed stone can be laid in grout, to make a hardwearing textured surface.

Hard surfaces
Pebbles or crushed stone can be used in exposed aggregate concrete, or polished concrete.

Resin composites
Pebbles or crushed stone mixed with epoxy resin create an attractive hard surface for walls and floors.

Feature Stones
Provide an interesting focal point or special feature.